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CollectWeb is a community with one goal only. We want to help you find your way
in collecting country. We want to provide you with, what you need as a starting
collector and what you always use as an advanced collector. Almost every collector
still knows of all trouble he had when he started collecting because he did not
have enough knowledge. Thats why we ask you to join our community and build
the best catalogues together...
The catalogue will be oporational in various countries and languages. The latest
changes will be catalogued, because the catalogue can be editted by anyone. It
is always growing. CollectWeb as a company along with many proffessionals will
control the imput of information. Therefore our community will always be up to
For you as a collector we have pages to manage your collection and wantlist. The
items on your wantlist will be matched with the offers we get from dealers and
There are also pages for your sales and auctions as a dealer.
Any suggestions to improve our community will be handled with the utmost care.
We will be glad to hear any suggestions from our community. Please inform us.
I hope you enjoy CollectWeb
Contact us
Need any help? Please browse to our helpcenter. You will find the answer on
FAQ here. If you cannot find the answer here, you will be redirected to a page
where you can fill in a form with your question(s). Please fill in the form and mail
it to
Our adress
Please contact CollectWeb by post or e-mail on the adress below.
CollectWeb B.V.
Postbus 468
Phone: +31 345 531 670
Fax: +31 345 548523

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